About Me

Hi! I'm Jon. Owner of Flux Parametric. Previously ran Flux CNC 4 years, a CNC / laser shop in Austin, TX. Now, I'm living and traveling full time out of a van I converted out (and designed in Rhino / Grasshopper), while shifting my focus to design / software in the industry. I also run Perpetual Design, which is my full creative art outlet, focusing on mixing traditional art forms with modern parametric design. When I'm not designing things, I'm usually out mountain biking or rock climbing.

My educational background is in architecture from University of Kentucky.
5+ years experience with Rhino / Grasshopper
8+ years experience with CNC / Manufacturing
Additional exp in Cinema4d, CorelDraw, Fusion 360, Sketchup, and more, though nowadays I prefer to do most of my work in Rhino.